How to deal with peer pressure effectively

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How to deal with peer pressure effectively

It may also be helpful to assess your child’s emotional intelligence and teach them those skills. If children are unprepared for responding to peer pressure, they are more likely to react too quickly and give in. Recommend ways for them to get out of a situation that they feel uneasy about with thoughtful responses. They may be able to suggest alternatives to avoid the inappropriate behavior. how to deal with peer pressure For example, if asked to skip school, your child may suggest instead getting together directly after school and including more friends. Sometimes it will be best for the child to avoid explaining and justifying their refusal to participate as that can lead to more pressure and arguing. When necessary, a child may need to simply repeat an assertive and firm “no” to peer requests.

  • If you have questions or concerns about your child’s mood, self-esteem or behavior, consider a consultation with a trained and qualified mental health professional.
  • For instance, a teenager might influence their friend to smoke a cigarette by saying, “Come on, one cigarette won’t hurt.”
  • Remind yourself every now and then that you’re special and nuke any negative statements.
  • By the time they turn 7, children start caring more and more about what other kids think of them — and less about what their parents or other adults think.
  • Learn more about the types and effects of peer pressure and how you can prepare your child to deal with it in a healthy way.

You pick your friends usually because you share the same interests, but also make sure you both have the same values. 1) Peer pressure to take alcohol and tobacco is strong because people who make them consider it to be a matter of pride and strongly recommend others to take them. But people who don’t make them choose to remain reserved on the issue. People who think that taking addictive substances is a harmful choice need to confidently express their views and recommend friends to stay away from them. That will create positive peer pressure in your peer group and protect your friends. However, adults are also vulnerable to peer pressure.

How to Handle Adult Peer Pressure

If someone persistently pressures you to do something, you can try telling them how it affects you. When you’re faced with a choice, ask yourself what your reasons are for doing something. If it’s because all of your friends are doing it and you’re afraid they won’t talk to you if you don’t join them, then you may want to reconsider. Unspoken peer pressure, on the other hand, is when no one verbally tries to influence you. However, there is still a standard set by the group to behave in a certain way.

how to deal with peer pressure

Get to know how your child interacts with friends and others online. Communicate openly about safe internet and social media use. If issues or problems arise, share your concerns with their parents. Spend time with other kids who resist peer pressure. It helps to have at least one friend who is also willing to say “no.”

Teen Recovery Program

A parent, teacher, or counsellor can make you feel better about saying no and prepare you for the next time you’re faced with a difficult decision. 1) At times your friends may make you feel small for not drinking. If you accept their view and feel ashamed, then very soon you would end up giving in to the peer pressure.

If you or someone you love is facing negative peer pressure and are using substances habitually, it may be time to seek outside help. In addition, the prefrontal cortex – a critical component of decision-making – is still developing from ages 12 to around 17. This interaction can trigger risky choices like drinking underage, using drugs, or participating in criminal activity.

Model saying “No”

Being able to identify signs that your child is dealing with peer pressure may help you start a supportive conversation. Peer pressure can have both a positive or negative influence. The way your child responds to peer pressure can indicate who they are as an individual.

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As teens navigate peer culture, parents play an important role in preparing them with the social skills needed to make their own smart choices and avoid peer pressure. Most teens begin to reconfigure their relationship with authority almost immediately upon reaching puberty, seeking advice and approval less from adults and more to peers. This is a normal part of adolescent development and signals a healthy move toward independence. But this shift also makes teens vulnerable to peer pressure, which can lead to poor and even dangerous decision making.

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